August 16, 2004

Get Rich Quick?

I got the e-mail below in my inbox yesterday. Now I've heard that you can't trust those letters from the people in Nigeria, but this one is from someone from Angola (not the small town near where I live, but the one in Africa). Although the e-mail address, and the server are from England.

Gee. I don't know, should I trust them...

Attn: I got your contact in my search for a trustworthy foreigner that will assist me with my present predicament, as I don?t even know whom to trust so I allowed the spirit of God to lead me. Firstly let me introduce my self. I am Mrs. Agnes Jonas Savimbi, wife of the late leader of the National Union of the total Liberation of Angola (U.N.I.T.A) who died on the February 22 2002 by the bullet of the ruling government troop. My late husband was controlling the northern part of Angola as a rebel leader which is blessed with a huge deposit of diamonds this my late husband used to his advantage, mining and selling these diamond to foreign individuals and government in return for huge amount of US Dollars and ammunitions that is part of the reasons couple with determination why he was able to sustain his troop for 30 years of civil war before his untimely death He left a huge amount of money which amount to $100m (United state dollars) he kept the money under my care in case of eventuality so that the future of me and our children will be secure. when we heard the bad news of his death his trusted aid moved me and the children and members of our family out of our hiding, we traveled in a fishing boat to Port Lois Mauritius from where I am making this contact., the money has been coded and secretly deposited in a security company and declared as ?FAMILY TREASURE? for onward courier to reliable foreigner in an advanced economy like your country for safe keep. I am offering you 30% of the total money if you will assist me to move this money out of Mauritius as the foreign beneficiary and provide a safe account, while I and my family will have 70%. I am assuring you that this transaction is risk free as we have put all the logistics in place to make it successful all we need from you is your co-operation and sincerity of purpose. You will be contacting my brother in-law Robert Savimbi for more details on how you are going to assist us conclude this transaction I gave him authority to assist me due to health reasons I am recovering from a traumatic attack since the death of my husband. I will wait for your response, thank you and God bless. Mrs. Agnes Jonas Savimbi NB GET BACK TO ME TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS(

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Posted by GEBIV at August 16, 2004 07:01 PM


I got that e-mail too, and I'M getting that $30 million.


Posted by: Harvey at August 17, 2004 10:35 AM

i got the same exact email as well!! Geez, i don't know what to do. I don't think that I'll email that lady back, supposedley she's a criminal... or something like that. i was too lazy to read the whole artical

Posted by: NIchole Ichevil at August 18, 2004 02:21 PM

Hey Me Too! I think we should all get together and do a sting and make this guy pay for trying to dupe all of us. I wouldn't be surprized if Evil Glen has something to do with this!

Posted by: Pops at August 19, 2004 01:04 PM

I got that same email too. Must be a scam or something for everybody to get the same email. even though that 35% sounds good.

Posted by: Reggie at September 15, 2004 06:35 PM

I got a version of it to, she must have a lot to go around. HA HA HA

Posted by: Ray at February 10, 2005 08:28 PM

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Posted by: carnival cruise wedding at March 7, 2005 05:51 AM

Wow, this one's a lot more genuine due to the shonky English.


How are you and Your Family ? Hope Well. Thats Fine. Pardon me, I know you dont know me, But this is a Good chance for us to Know each Other.
I am Seeking your Assitance in a Transaction that Involves my Family's. I have sent a Total of 3 Mails to you in the 3 Days.
I know you must be busy and you might Find it Difficult to reply my Mails, but if You can give me your Number i can Call you a your Free
time.My previous Mails contained Information about the Assistance I need foryouto do
for My Family, I am a Widow with Kids and my brother Inlaw Robert. Weare From Angola, I lost my Husband there, which is On Reasons i have
contacted you. We could no Longer Stay in Angola due to some reasons beyondourControl.My Husband a Traditional Ruler, at the Time of His Handing Over thePost to the Next Man, got Involved in some sort of Mis-understanding thatCost his Life. We had to leave, It was No Longer safe, Just for the Futureof My Family.We had to Leave for Mauritus to Escape the Pressure and
knowing FullyWell,How hard it was going be for us in Another World, An Islandin the Indian Ocean. From here we have been trying to Contact you via theInternet and its not easy. But i have hope we would get Connected to yousomeday.
From Here we have also Managed to radio our Friend and Sympathizersback in Angola. With the Help of Richard my Brother Inlaw. We managed
togetsome Money to start our lives afresh. Most of the Money are From the LandArea my Husband Had. Some we sold and some we have Precious Stones MiningSites. We had to let all that Go Down the Drain, But we made $25m.
Twenty.FiveMillion US Dollars for selling out all we hope on, So i only Hope is thisFunds
too.We had to lodge the Funds under the Security of a Security Outfit herein Maurtius, which is our Present Location, we were making arrangements
tocontact for Help, So you can Help us in getting this Funds overseas sowe could start a New Life. Please we are Innocent people Trying to makeLiving.We need a change of Enviromrnt because we have seen the Worst hereand For
the Children most especially, I feel they Need to relocate.
With the funds we have managed to raise and your Help, I beleive youwould be saving our Souls. Please dont let us waste away. Imagine, what
mykids could be in Future if they could just reach for that Helping Hand which
you could offer. The Banking System in Mauritius has not joined theInternational Banking System, where we can Tranfer this Funds to our
desireddestination accounts oveseas. We need someone who we can trust like youon the
International Level, since we haven,t had the Chance to own foriegn Accounts.
We willpay For your Services, We will give you a Certain Percentage. I amwilling to give you give you a certain percentage of this fund.I will be happy if you could serve as our guardian. We live likerefugees here in Maritius, because its not our home, we pray we canworkthisout a quick as possible, so we can eventually have peace. Please its nolonger safe here anymore for me, i don't even know what the future holdsfor
my kids, they have stopped school for 5 months now. Please try to forwardme a phone number i can reach you so i can give you more details on theexact role which is required of you for the successfully conclusion of thistransaction's I look forward to your earliest response, Please I need yourhelp and Ibelieve with your help my life and that of my family will be safe.Make
sure you respond back to this email address below.


Thank You
Madam Agnes.

Posted by: Chris at May 9, 2005 07:10 AM
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