August 26, 2004

PGH: Media Excuses

Yes folks, it’s another very late, very cheesy Precision Guided Humor Assignment. This week’s is, what excuses will the mainstream media use to explain their lack of coverage of Kerry’s lies about Vietnam.

10. They wrote a story, but the dog ate it.

9. Bob Kerrey never said any lies about Vietnam, so there is nothing to cover.

8. They really want Kerry to win, so they’ll cover up anything he says… I mean… oh yeah, like they’ll ever admit that.

7. Too busy covering the Ladies Beach Volleyball medal round.

6. Clinton hasn’t given them the go-ahead yet to totally destroy Kerry to pave the way for Hillary in ’08.

5. Two words. “Time Share.” Unfavorable coverage of Kerry’s lies will begin in the second week of November.

4. Only so many pixels to go around. They don’t want to waste the ones left on their computers.

3. Somebody locked the keys to the printing press in their car and they can’t get inside in time to change the next edition of the paper.

2. Can’t remember the password to their laptop, so they can’t get to the story they saved on the hard drive.

And the number one excuse used by the mainstream media:

They can only say good things about Kerry in order to balance out all of the negative coverage he’s getting on the Internet and Talk Radio.

Posted by GEBIV at August 26, 2004 12:03 AM

"Time Share"

LOL! :-D

Posted by: Harvey at August 26, 2004 01:16 PM

I agree. "Time share" was brilliant.

Posted by: el Seco at August 27, 2004 11:15 AM
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