September 26, 2004

Wait a Minute!

This changes everything! Jeff of Au Fait (a possible blogson of Harvey) has proof that Harvey doesn't actually exist. But I think that he is jumping to the wrong conclusion.

What this analysis actually proves is that Bad Example is actually written by the Olsen Twins! If you pay close attention to the blog, you can actually see two different styles of writing. This is especially evident in the "Love Notes" posts. The post itself is usually a thoughtful and romantic statement, which is then almost invariably followed by a crass and crude caveat by the same "Harvey." Obviously, Mary Kate writing the first part, while the much more bitter Ashley adding the comment.

You can also see this in other posts. For example "Harvey" has an obsession with "Graffiti Currency" while also having an obsession with Glenn Reynolds. Two obviously incompatible fixations. Undoubtably, one is the product of one sister's feverish mind, while the other issues from the twisted passions of the other twin.

It explains so much about "Harvey" and "his" demented style of posting.

Update: Some would say that the different spellings of the names Olsen and Olson disprove this entire argument. I say that is just another indication of the lengths that the Olsen Twins are trying to go to protect their annonimity. But their ruse has been exposed!

Posted by GEBIV at September 26, 2004 03:36 PM

Or there could be three of us with some sort of weird morphing powers.

I wonder which one of us linked Instapundit without calling him Puppy Blender?

Posted by: Harvey at September 27, 2004 01:09 PM
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