November 26, 2004

The two liberals

There were these two liberals who decided to go on vacation in Alaska when the salmon were running. Being really fond of fresh seafood, they decided to catch and cook their own (I know, they hadn’t thought about the killing and cleaning part of fishing yet, but liberals rarely think about the mundane parts of things)

Since they didn’t like touching the bait, they tried fishing for several days with empty hooks, but had no luck. Then, just a day before their vacation was going to end, they came across a couple of young men carrying several large salmon each. They didn’t have any fishing equipment on them, so the two liberals were curious as to how they had caught the large fish.

When they asked them, they told them that the salmon were so abundant in the streams, that all one had to do was have a friend hold on to your legs and dangle down over a bridge and just grab the salmon as the fish swam buy.

The two liberals quickly ran off to try it themselves. They found a bridge on the road they were on and one of them was dangled over the side. But, after an hour, they still had no luck.

Suddenly the one dangling off of the bridge started yelling, “Pull me up. Pull me up!”

His friend yelled back. “Did you catch one?”

“No,” was the reply. “There’s a train coming!”

Posted by GEBIV at November 26, 2004 09:59 PM
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