December 15, 2004

PGHA: What should we get the terrorists for Christmas?

The traditional “gift” for naughty boys and girls is coal. Perhaps to represent their evil, black little hearts. Along this line of reasoning, I came up with a few “gift” ideas for terrorists.

A lump of lead, (preferably traveling at more than the speed of sound) to represent their dense little brains.

A lump of uranium, (nicely wrapped in an implosive, shaped charge, with the optional altitude detonator attached). Again, representing their dense, little brains. And if Santa is a little busy, we can drop that one out of a B-2 for him. After this present, the lumps of coal will be former terrorists…

A lump of chocolate, representing their sweet goodness… oh wait, that one is for Susie.

Aw heck, when you think about it, any chunk of fossil fuel will do. Provided that you cram it down their throats hard enough! A 5-gallon can of gasoline would be more than enough to drown a dozen terrorists, as long as you took your time, drowned them one at a time and stood on the back of their heads until the kicking stopped.

OK, that was a little bitter. So I guess I should stop there.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Posted by GEBIV at December 15, 2004 06:38 PM
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