January 28, 2005

Filthy Lie: Evil Glenn's Weather Machine

The newest rumor running around the Blogsphere is that Evil Glenn has perfected a weather machine. The question then arises; what will Evil Glenn use a weather machine for?

I think that in light of recent weather patterns, the real question should be; how has Evil Glenn been using the weather machine? The recent series of winter storms that slammed the East can be explained by this phone conversation between Evil Glenn and his Insta-Wife that I *cough* happened to findÖ

FBI Wiretap: #750278932-94621

Evil Glenn: Hello?

Insta-Wife: Hi, Honey.

Evil Glenn: I thought I asked you to not call me at work. It makes me look bad in front of the other lawyers.

Insta-Wife: Evil blood sucking fiends.

Evil Glenn: Whatever.

Insta-Wife: Well, itís important!

E G: *Sigh* What do you need?

I-W: Iíve been working on the plans for our family vacation. And I wanted to go skiing, so I need your help picking out a ski resort.

E G: Awww. I canít go skiing. All of the resorts are way up in the North, and I canít stay away from my computer that long.

I-W: What about using your laptop?

E G: It doesnít work right ever since that drunken money-freak came over to the castle last week and threw up on it. Now it smells like beer soaked cheese.

I-W: Well I want to go skiing!

E G: How about if we do something closer to home?

I-W: Skiing!

E G: Thereís a new bowling alley opening upÖ


E G: Ok, ok. What if we could ski near home? Would that be all right?

I-W: I guess soÖ but it never snows near us.

E G: Let me get back to you. I think I have something here in the office that might workÖ

There you have it! All of the recent winter storms and snowfall across the South-East are the result of Evil Glennís work! Just so he can go skiing and not have to leave his precious computer.

Posted by GEBIV at January 28, 2005 06:55 PM
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