February 23, 2005


What follows is not necessarily a recipe. Itís more like a concept for a meal. However, IT IS MY FAVORITE MEAL!

Again, this is not a proper recipe. This is sort of what a bachelor would consider a recipe. At least one not afraid of experimenting a little bitÖ and not afraid of eating a couple of burnt mealsÖ

French Onion Chicken

Noodles (spaghetti noodles will do just fine if you donít have kluski)
Two breaded chicken fillets
French Onion soup (canned stock preferably, but frozen works too)
Grated Mozzarella Cheese (lots of cheeseÖ drool)

First, cook up one serving of noodles. One full serving should do. If you have kluski (sort of thick Polish spaghetti), that seems to work best. But if not, regular spaghetti is just fine.

While the noodles are cooking, cook two breaded chicken breast fillets. I prefer pre-cooked, pre-breaded chicken, but thatís because Iím lazy.

At the same time prepare the French Onion Soup. I have no idea how to make this. I just use canned or frozen soup. (The frozen is best for the one bowl method Iíll talk about later.)

Once all of the food has been cooked, take a large, deep plate/small platter and place the noodles on it.

Then place the two cooked chicken fillets on the noodles. (Up to this point itís a lot like Chicken Parmesan. So if you have a good recipe for that dish, you can use it up to this step.)

Next, smother the whole dish with French Onion Soup stock.

Then cover the whole thing with the mozzarella cheese.

Place in the oven and bake until the cheese starts to turn a golden brown. (I usually set the oven at 400deg, but I donít know if thatís the best temp. All you are really trying to do is melt the cheese.)

Take out of the oven and eat. Be careful! The plate will be hot!

This second recipe is the way I make French Onion Chicken at work. This only works with the pre-made, frozen French Onion Soup. It comes frozen as a cup shape, with the bread and cheese all ready on it/in it. I canít remember what the brand of the soup is, and I threw the empty box out yesterday so I can't just go look, but you get four frozen cylinders of soup in a box for about $6.50 at Samís Club. They are the perfect size for a large coffee mug.

French Onion Chicken One dish method (Without noodles)

One frozen, pre-made French Onion Soup
Two chicken patties, breaded (I prefer Tysonísģ)
One stick of string cheese (Polly-Oģ is good. I usually have Frigoģ String Cheese)

First, get out a large cereal bowl. (Must be microwave safe!)

Unwrap frozen French Onion Soup and place in center of bowl. Stand the two chicken patties on end on opposite sides of the soup. Place in microwave on top of a napkin. (Sometimes the soup can seep up the chicken patty and over the edge of the bowl. Just a little, but it gets messy to clean.)

Microwave for 8 minutes

Use a fork to stir the still frozen section of the soup into the rest of the dish, and push the chicken patties the rest of the way under the soup. Tear the string cheese into strips and lay on top of everything.

Microwave for another minute and thirty seconds.

Careful taking it out of the microwave. The bowl will be very hot. (I keep repeating the message because Iíve burnt myself several times, and I thought I should prevent that sort of thing for others. Plus, this way I canít be sued like McDonalds.)

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I'm calling my lawyer! :-P

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