March 20, 2005

Spring has sprung!

Er... it doesn't feel a lot different to me though.

I guess I just have the blahs today....

On the other hand, it is also Palm Sunday today. The day we remember and celebrate Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem. A day that contrasts so sharply whith what happened to Him the rest of the week. Personally, I can't look at Palm Sunday without seeing Good Friday looming.

And while I know it was all necessary for His plan, it is still sometimes too much to believe that someone would go through all of that for me. I know that may sound a little egotistical. But unless I acknowledge that He suffered for my sins, there is no attonement for them. And it is hard, sometimes, to feel worthy of that sacrifice.

Of course, I know that I wasn't wothy of what He went through before He went through it. That is why it is called Grace. It is a gift given that I could never have earned or merited. But what I have trouble feeling, on the level that I should, is the value that He has given me.

Sorry to sneak in a little sermon there.

Anyways, enjoy spring everyone.

Posted by GEBIV at March 20, 2005 02:08 PM
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