April 02, 2005

Time to spring foreward

Tonight at 2AM, whatever time zone you are in, you have to set your clocks ahead one hour. Don't forget, or you'll be an hour late all day.

Did I ever say how much I hate Daylight Savings Time? Why can't noon be when the sun is at it's highest due south? (give or take a few degrees, I'm not going to scrap the whole time zone idea) It makes telling time by the sun, and navigation by knowing the time sooooooo much easier if you don't have to convert from Daylight Savings time!


Posted by GEBIV at April 2, 2005 08:01 PM

I blame Evil Glenn

Posted by: The Babaganoosh at April 3, 2005 04:18 AM

Except for southern Indiana, they don't do daylight savings time.

Makes for a bitch when you have to do business with companies in S Indiana, have to remember they are an hour behind you.

Posted by: Machelle at April 4, 2005 09:44 AM
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