April 09, 2005

And Many More

It's a Bad GREAT Anniversary over at Bad Example. Harvey and Beloved Wife TNT are celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary.

I'm not very up on the whole Paper Anniversary/Silver Anniversary stuff. Heck, I can barely remember my brother's anniversary. (Fortunately, not my problem... I only have to send a card during the right month.) But I figure that the Sixth Anniversary should be the Electron Anniversary!

So go on over and leave some electrons in their comments! Or at the very least, some ones and zeros coded into nice things to say to a couple on their anniversary.

Here's wishing them many more years of happiness!!

Posted by GEBIV at April 9, 2005 10:42 AM

Electrons, cool! Hallmark could market that.


Posted by: TNT at April 9, 2005 10:53 AM

10101! :-)

Posted by: Harvey at April 9, 2005 02:41 PM



Posted by: GEBIV at April 9, 2005 04:54 PM



That should be a little more in keeping with my general theme :-)

Posted by: Harvey at April 10, 2005 11:08 PM
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