June 23, 2005

Happy Dance!


It's back. My monitor, that is.

Earlier today, I had a problem with my notebook. (A Compaq Presario 2100) The monitor went almost completely to black. If you looked very closely, you could just make out what was supposed to be there.

I was only able to use the computer by hooking it up to another monitor at the time. I checked around online, and after a chat with the Compaq help desk, I figured I was looking at a burned out light for my notebook screen. With a repair cost of somewhere between $150 and $600.

Then I turned off my computer, stuck it in the carrying case, and was grumpy for the rest of work. When I had a little free time, I used the office computer to do a little price shopping on new laptops. I figured that if I was going to be spending that kind of money, I might as well spend a little more and get a much better computer. Not that I was entirely happy with having to do that either.

But when I got home and hooked everything up to my old desktop's monitor, my laptop started working perfectly.

I may still need an eventual repair, or need to buy a new computer someday; but now I don't have a rush to do it right away.

But for right now, HAPPY DANCE!!!

(Oh, by the way, if anyone has had this problem themselves, could you let me know how you made out? Is my diagnosis correct, and how good was my estimate?)

Posted by GEBIV at June 23, 2005 09:12 PM
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