July 03, 2005

Torpedos Away!

Well, not exactly. But the impactor from the Deep Impact spacecraft was successfully released earlier today. So everything is right on target for tonight's cometary meeting.

The impact should take place at about 1:52AM July 4 (EDT). Unfortunately, it won't be visable from the East coast.

But don't despair! NASA TV will be covering the whole thing live starting at around 11:30! If you don't have NASA TV on your cable or dish (you probably do, but you might have to look for it) you can also see it at wwiTV.com. There is usually a button on the right sidebar that will take you directly to NASA TV. (You may need to upgrade your RealPlayer to get it to run properly.)

If you want more information about this whole event check out Space.com. This article was really good at explaining everything that they're trying to do.

Enjoy the fireworks everyone!

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