July 16, 2005

Filthy Lie: Evil Glenn's New Book

Evil Glenn's New Book

Recently, rumors have hit the literary world that Glenn Reynolds was releasing a new book. Naturally, since he is ostensibly a law professor, the great legal minds were all lined up to see what he had produced.

Boy were they in for a shock.

All I've been able to obtain is the title and table of contents page from this new book. But let me assure you, it is no legal tome.

1001 Recipes for Puppy Smoothies

- by Evil Glenn

Chapter 1 --------------------------- The Blend Setting

Chapter 2 ----------------------------- The Mix Setting

Chapter 3 ---------------------------- The Whip Setting

Chapter 4 --------------------------- The Puree Setting

Chapter 5 -------------------------- The Frappe Setting

Chapter 6 ------------------------- The Liquify Setting

Chapter 7 ------------------------- The Fission Setting

His publisher has also hinted that Evil Glenn will be releasing several companion books to compliment this cookbook. Possible books will probably include The 2006 Blender Buying Guide, and A Connoisseur's Guide to Kennels of the North East.

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