August 03, 2005

PGHA: The UN-ternet

Hmmm. So the U.N. thinks that it should control the internet.

Yeah, that should be good. Let's see, a huge bloated and corrupt bureaucracy controlling the transfer of information across the world. Who wouldn't want them to be in charge?

Aside from everyone with any brains, that is.

No, to be honest I'm sure that all of the worlds pedophiles would love this to happen. After all, everyone knows that wherever there is rape and molestation, you'll find the U.N.

Although I can't say that I would hold out much hope for the same freedoms of political speech. I could only imagine the reaction to someone writing about how corrupt the U.N. is. But on the other hand, even with all the weight of an U.N. Special Resolution brought to bear on a blogger, I can't see the U.N. actually stopping anyone.

On the other hand, look for official approval of all anti-Semitic sites.

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