August 08, 2005


No, I'm not key-blogging again.

I need to talk about my Dad's keys. Or rather what he does with them.

I work for my Dad, so I see him every day. And almost without fail, every day I see his keys. This is because he tends to leave them in whatever he unlocks. If he's locking something, then he'll put the keys back in his pocket. But if it is something that he unlocks, I'll find the keys there. Sometimes hours later.

Part of the problem is that he has three sets of keys. Plus there is a business set he uses too. So, whenever he uses one, he doesn't always notice that it's missing until later. And then when he needs one of them and he doesn't have it, he either sends me to get them; or, if it's a key I have, takes mine.

But the part that's the real pain is the one small set of keys he leaves in a certain door. It's in a really cramped spot, and I often back into the door. And right into the keys. Right into my lower back. If I was a little taller, it would probably stab me in the butt (an unfortunately well padded area) but at my height, it jabs right into my kidney.

Of course, the worst thing about this whole deal is that my Grandmother also has a habit of doing this... so it could be hereditary!

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