August 19, 2005

Filthy Lie: Evil Glenn's Biography

Well, rumor has it that Evil Glenn is coming out with his very own autobiography. But that's all that the rumors are saying. No title, or ideas about the content are available yet.

However, my cracked research staff (an insomniac, a five-year old hyped up on M&Ms and a pink plastic flamingo) managed to find out a little more for us.

First thing they found was the proposed title:

It Takes A Blender

(Or: How I Learned to Use the Waring and Love My Dog

Then they found some of the reviews:

Revolting! - The New York Times

Nauseating! - The Washington Post

Delicious! - The Korea Herald

And finally, they found an excerpt from the book itself:

It was my tenth birthday, and I finally got the puppy that I always wanted. My mother warned me that I was responsible for it. But I believe that secretly, she was happy that I finally had someone to play with.

Later that evening, we had plans to go to the zoo where they were opening up the new penguin exhibit. I was just a little worried that the big blender convention in town was going to make things too crowded. But mother said that the only worry we would have is if the town's hoboes were forced out of the park where they normally stayed. Then they sometimes would hang out at the zoo...

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