November 07, 2005

Don't forget!

Tomorrow is election day! (Or if you're reading this tomorrow, then today is election day. If you're reading this the day after tomorrow, then you missed your chance to vote... and you might be in a cheesy end of the world movie.)

I know that it's a doubly off-year election, but it can still be very important to vote. I know that here in New York, we have Proposal 1 to defeat if we want to retain the semblance of any control of our taxes. (And don't ask me why it's Proposal 1 instead of Proposition 1, no one I talked to could figure that one out. Although it may have something to do with the fact that it's a proposed change in the state's constitution.)

Anyways, go vote. We live under a representative government - which is probably the best one devised so far for any group of people larger than a small village - but we still need to hold our representatives accountable for their decisions and actions at every chance we get.

So one more time: Go vote!

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