November 30, 2005

PGHA: Cindy Sheehan's Book - Review

(THIS IS ALL FAKE! I HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK AND HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING SO! DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A REAL REVIEW. THIS IS A HUMOR PIECE. I know that she has lost her son, and that's a pain that I can not even begin to understand. However, her continued use of this tragedy for what is a personal agenda makes this an allowable target for parody.)

Recently, Cindy Sheehan, in another attempt to further her political agenda, wrote a book. It's already in paperback...

But one of the more recent things I've added to There's One, Only! is reviews. Movie, game and book. (OK, so I haven't done to many of them) Now I haven't read Sheehan's book. And have no plans of ever reading it. So, since I can't review it, I interviewed some prominent Liberal policy makers (I figure they'd have the most positive opinions).

So, here are the reviews as given by a bunch of Liberals:

A moving tale of a woman and her grief. And I'd like to help console her any way I can. *wink* *wink* - Bill Clinton

It's going to be a best seller in New York, in New Hampshire, and then Nebraska, and then Ohio and.... Yeaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghh! - Howard Dean

Of course I agree with everything she wrote, whole heartedly... wait a minute, this is off the record, right? - Hillary Clinton

Well, it didn't blame Bush as much as I'd like - only every other sentence or so. But it would still be a good book to send to one of those war-mongering soldiers over there. - Ted Rall

Mmmm. Cheeseburgers. - Michael Moore

Ms. Sheehan is such an eloquent writer that I'd hook up with her in a second if I wasn't already married to... what's her name again? - Bill Clinton

I wish the mother of one of the men who died under my command had written something like this when I was wounded - three times - in Vietnam... where I received three Purple Hearts. - John Kerry

This is almost as good as that book I wrote on traffic safety. - Ted Kennedy

I just love her hair! - John Edwards

Did I mention that I really feel her pain and would like to help her feel better? - Bill Clinton

I can't wait to play Cindy when they make the movie from this book! - Barbra Streisand

A million more marchers should read this book! Which proves that Bush blew up New Orleans! - Louis Farrakan

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