December 07, 2005

PHGA: A Cloud For Your Silver Lining

This week's exercise in absurdity as suggested by Harvey is to:

1) Find actual good news in the War on Terror and 2) put anti-war spin on it to make it sound like bad news.

First, the good news!

US says 22 Taliban killed in Afghanistan

And now the spin!

US munitions continue to be used at alarming rate

KABUL (Reuters: Pessimism branch) In Afghanistan, ammunition supplies were further depleted this week as US-lead forces clashed with guerillas. Three American soldiers as well as five of other nationalities were injured in the battle.

In another attack on guerilla strongholds, a cache of arms was captured. Unfortunately, none of the munitions are compatible with those used by the US-led forces. So no replenishment of the dwindling supplies occurred. Official sources speculate that the captured ammo may be sold on the black market to further fund the US-led occupation.

Some guerilla forces may have been killed in the action. However, casualty figures are in some dispute at this time.

Hey, that's petty good. I may have a future with the LA Times...

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