December 30, 2005

Filthy Lie: Evil New Year's Eve

Harv wants to know, what will Evil Glenn be doing to celebrate New Year's this year? I presume this is so he can foil Evil Glenn's plans. Or at least know enough to hide.

I asked my bloggless brother to hack into Evil Glenn's computer to get his evil plans. Unfortunately, Evil Glenn hasn't actually decided what he is going to be doing yet. But we were able to get his notes, listing his possible ideas.

Memo to self: What to do New Year's Eve
  • Pick lint out of navel? - Could be fun for the whole family
  • File law suits? - Could be hard finding anyone at court. Not a religious holiday, so most lawyers observe it.
  • Go to a hockey game? - Do they play hockey in Tennessee?
  • Eat chinese take out and watch Marx Brothers movies? - Nah, that sounds like something GEBIV would do.
  • Play the accordion all night? - Well, we don't want to be too evil...
  • Watch sand fall? - ooooh.... sand.....
  • Work on my plans for world domination? - But then it might feel like a work night.
  • Go leprechaun hunting? - I'll get those Lucky Charms one of these days.
  • Read a good book? - But definitely not "The Good Book." I am a lawyer after all.
  • Drink myself silly and make prank phone calls? - Gotta check to see if I've got any minutes left on the cell phone...

Well, whatever Evil Glenn decides to do, you can be sure that it will be eeeeeeevvvviiiiilllll!

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