January 04, 2006

PGHA: Saddam's Children's Book

The latest big rumor out of Saddam's trial is that Saddam is going to be writing a children's book. I guess he heard how much support writing one did for 'Tookie' Williams...

It's still in pre-production. So I wasn't able to get more than a synopsis of the book. But this is what they've got so far...

The book is tentatively titled The Evil Kurds and the Magic Mustache.

It's the heartwarming story of the good-hearted, Kind Leader of a desert nation who is constantly attacked and ridiculed by a band of Evil Kurds. He tries everything he can think of to stop them; from asking them nicely to go away, to asking the United Nations to make them go away. But the Evil Kurds have the backing of a monstrous dictatorship over the sea, so the U.N. is powerless to help the Kind Leader.

Finally, the Kind Leader's mustache magically comes alive to help the Kind Leader defend his nation. It creates a 'magic cloud' which drives the Evil Kurds away. Only the truly wicked Evil Kurds are, regrettably, killed by the 'magic cloud'.

And then, everyone who isn't dead lives happily ever after!

Reportedly, Saddam himself will not only be writing the book, he will also be doing all the illustrations as well. If I can manage to get my hands on any of his drafts, I'll be sure to share...

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