January 25, 2006

PGHA: Code of Conduct

Harvey, who is apparently too impatient to just wait for the news to come out, recently asked this question at The Alliance HQ:

What items will be included in the Democrats' newly proposed "Congressional Code of Conduct"?

Well, from what I was able to beat out of a Congressional Aide, the new Congressional Code of Conduct (as proposed by the Democrats) will include (but not be limited to) the following:

* No member of Congress may accept a gift of greater than $50, unless it's from, you know, a really close friend.

* No member of Congress may speak ill of any other member. Unless there's a (D) after the speakers name.

* No member of Congress may be a member of a radical group or organization. Such as: the Nazi Party, the Boy Scouts, the NRA, the Book of the Month Club, etc.

* No member of Congress may blog, talk to bloggers, or knowingly be nice to a blogger. (Unless the blogger is from a "respectable" site like DU or Daily Kos.)

* No member of Congress may drink themselves into a state of insensibility. (Members of Congress already in this condition will be grandfathered in... also known as the Kennedy Clause.)

* Any member of Congress committing even the smallest infraction against any rule or law, including traffic and sporting, will be held up before the public as an example of their malfesience. (As long as the media is paying any attention.)

That was all I was able to get out of the Aide before he lost consciousness. But I'm sure that he didn't leave out too much that was important...

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"Kennedy Clause"

Santa's evil twin? :-)

Posted by: Harvey at January 27, 2006 09:51 PM
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