February 03, 2006

Filthy Lie: Evil Genn and Google

Wow. It looks like Google will team up with anyone. First, they gave up their morality and join up with the ChiComms. Now word is that they are teaming up with Evil Glenn!

From what I was able to find out with the absolute minimum of effort, the first Evil Glenn and Google joint venture is tenatively called Doggle.com. It'll be a search engine that should help you choose the right breed and correct power settings on your blender for any desired puppy shake.

There are also rumors of an Evil Glenn inspired Insta-Google.com. When request information, the site doesn't actually go out and search the internet. Instead, it'll give you a bunch of links to searches done on other search-engines. The links will be ranked on a three tier scale. With Hmm... being somewhat close to your search criteria, Heh being very close to your search criteria, and Indeed being exactly what you are looking for.

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