February 08, 2006

Fear the Stache! ...oh, wait.

It's too bad that the Nobel Peace Prize has been debased so much in the last few years; becoming not much more than an award for who bashes the U.S. the best.

'Cause The Stache just got nominated.

Maybe this means that the award will finally go to someone who helps promote not just peace, but a peace that doesn't involve laying down and getting run over by totalitarian dictators.

Either that, or it's all a clever plot to get President Bush to pull Bolton as Ambassador. After all, if Carter was awarded the Nobel Prize, and Bolton gets the Nobel Prize, then Bolton must be as bad at foreign policy as Carter! Therefore, Bolton should be removed as ambassador...

On the other hand, it could just be an indication that Bolton hasn't been hitting enough U.N. staffers. Maybe we should check up on that.

(Oops, I almost forgot. Hat tip to Frank J. at IMAO on this.)

Posted by GEBIV at February 8, 2006 04:50 PM | TrackBack

It's just that Bolton wore out his last pair of brass knuckles, and is still waiting for the new one to arrive :-)

Posted by: Harvey at February 9, 2006 10:07 AM
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