February 21, 2006

Thank You.

For all those who've been so warm-hearted, I'd like to repeat something I left in Harvey's comments.

Thanks for the kind words. Mostly, I think I've been depressed watching Slinky go. It didn't feel like I was doing him any good - and I blamed myself for him getting old and dying.

And then of course, I extrapolated that into not being able to see any good in anything I've done. Stupid, I know. But I'm real good at beating myself up that way.

I know I'm going to be sad for a while. Unfortunately, I can't see the "but" that should join that sentance with something a little more hopefull.

Thanks again for all the kind thoughts and words.

Maybe I'll be able to be funny again tomorrow. I know I've got a PGHA and a meme floating around in my draft bin somewhere...

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