June 01, 2006

PGHA: MacBeth

Well, Harv wanted to know if there was anything else about Jesse MacBeth that we didn't know about...

And after some exhaustive... (or is that exhausting?) research, I came up with this little bit of MacBeth's past.

During the summer of 1985, MacBeth traveled back to 1955 in his best friend's Delorean time machine. While there, he managed to make sure that his parent's met and fell in love and foiled another time-traveler's attempt to remake the future. Then, he went even farther back in time to 1885 and helped capture a notorious outlaw.

Somewhere along the line, he invented the skate-board and changed the face of Rock and Roll forever.

... Oh wait, that was Marty McFly? Oops, my bad.

I guess I've got nothing new on MacBeth then... Other than that rumor that he killed the rightfull king of Scotland. But that's only if you take that Shakespear guy's word for it.

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Muslim websites are putting up the video of MacBeth as if it were real. I ran across one and gave them a piece of my mind and some references to refute the piece of slime. I got one site to take it down. That's one for the good guys.

Posted by: Debbie at June 5, 2006 06:25 AM
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