August 25, 2006


Just had a tourist from Germany cooling his heels for a bit here in the store. We talked a little about taxes and stuff and made some friendly comparisons about culture.

But what was kind of funny was why he was waiting around. He was driving by when the oil light on his rental came on. So he pulled in, and after figuring out what the car took, bought a couple quarts to top off the engine. No problems so far, we see this all the time with people.

A minute or two after purchasing the oil, he came back in and asked for some help. The oil was pouring out of the engine as fast as he was putting it in.

Fortunately, my father was still here at work, so he was able to take a look at the engine while I waited on the regular customers.... turns out the oil plug was missing from the engine.

Now, this tourist had been driving this rental car for a week-from Newark, NJ to Buffalo, NY-with no problems. And all of a sudden, the oil plug dropped out and left him stranded. He's lucky that he was near a gas station or the engine would have siezed up in just a couple more miles.

After a long phone call, he finally got Enterprise to send him a taxi to take him the rest of the way to his hotel, and a new rental lined up for tomorrow...

As he said, "Now I've got a good story to tell about my vacation."

But I do wonder who forgot to tighten the oil plug...

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It seems you got a good story out of this too.

Posted by: Michele at August 31, 2006 12:22 AM
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