September 21, 2006

Football Fun.

One of my Senators, Chucky "Shmucky" Schumer is aparently a proponent of revenue sharing in the NFL to help small market teams. Something that I have to say that I somewhat agree with, having the Bills (a small market team) as MY TEAM.

Anyways, after meeting with the Bills owner, Ralph "The Oldest Man in the NFL" Wilson, Schumer had a press conference where he stated that the NFL had until the end of this season to come up with a fair revenue sharing program. And that he would be on them like "White on Rice" until they met his standards.

There's just one thing that's confusing me. Wasn't Reggie White a Defensive Lineman? I can't ever remember him dropping back to cover a Wide Receiver. Much less one of the skill of Jerry Rice.

Does this mean that Schumer is just showing blitz but plans on doing nothing? Hmmm....

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