January 29, 2008


Update: Now this is an example of "Heres something to make you laugh. Rember our name." advertising.

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January 28, 2008

I like commercials

I watch a lot of TV (at least whenever I get the chance) so while I’m perhaps not qualified to make commercials, I am a bit of a connoisseur of them.

I like clever. I like witty. I like silly and whimsy. But only to a certain extent. And the clever, silliness should really only be used to get you to remember the product’s name. If it’s being used to try to convince you to buy the product over something else, the result is usually less than appealing.

Case in point:

The Original Budweiser Clydesdale Football commercial. The one where the Clydesdales all line up to play football and kick a field goal. (Which, sadly, I cannot find on youtube. So here’s the one with the streaking sheep.)

Now in this series of commercials, Budweiser isn’t saying, “Buy our beer because these horses like it.” They’re basically saying “Here’s something funny to watch for 30 seconds. Please remember our name. BUDWEISER!”

And that is perfectly acceptable to me.

The other end of the spectrum can be summed up with this. Miller Lite’s ad about the Dalmation ‘jumping ship’ from Budweiser to the Miller Lite truck.

Here, Miller Lite is saying, “Look this dog can read that Miller Lite is tastier and has half the carbs of Bud Light. And now he’s switching to Miller by jumping into the Miller Lite truck! Drink Miller Lite because this dog thinks it tastes better!”

Ohhhh kaaaay… I’m supposed to let a species that habitually drinks from the toilet, and has been documented to choose to eat ‘tootsie rolls’ from the cat’s box over dog-food (which is theoretically formulated to appeal to a dog’s taste buds) tell me what tastes the best?

Personally, I like to think that the whole commercial was based off the story of a Miller Lite driver who, while eating a bratwurst sandwich in his truck, was attacked by a hungry Dalmatian off of a fire truck.

So, what I’m saying is. I don’t mind a stupid commercial. As long as it’s just trying to make me laugh and remember a brand name. It’s when they try to tell me why to buy their product that I require a bit of intelligence.

(Next time… the Freecreditreport.com commercials)

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January 25, 2008

Loltrzt #1

Here's some loltrzt pictures. Done in emulation of the style of Harvey, over at IMAO.

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January 24, 2008

I'm back

Well, after a long, unexplained absence, I'm back.

I guess you could blame my dissapearance on a combination of excessive work and World of Warcraft.

Mostly work, unfortunately.

However, irregular posting should be returning shortly.

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