August 14, 2007

The hidden cost of wind power

For the last several months, we’ve been seeing bits of windmills go by our place. The 40’ long propellers usually go by in sets of three trucks (two propellers per truck).

The towers appear to be made up of three sections. At least that’s what we think from seeing three different sized tubes go by every couple of days. The narrowest is about 10’ wide, with the widest looking about 20’ wide.

Which is where the problem today came from. One of the base sections for these windmills took down a Time-Warner cable line running across the street. Snagged it and tore it clean off the telephone poles.

Right now, the transportation crew for the windmill tower is sitting there, blocking half the road, waiting for a Time-Warner crew to come and fix the cable. (I can only guess what kind of trouble they’d get into if they left the scene before they were allowed to.)

So when you see that maintenance fee on your Time-Warner bill, remember, it’s all part of the cost of wind power.

Update: From reports in the paper, I think the same crew knocked down a power line and put the lights out for an entire side-street last night.

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