July 31, 2007

My 2¢ on Vick.

If you try to look like a thug, and hang out with thugs, and act like a thug, don’t be so surprised when everyone assumes you’re a thug.

Vick’s defense: It was his friends and family, not him. So, worst case, he’s a criminal. Best case, he’s a moron.

I heard he’s asked for a jury trial. So apparently he’s going for the OJ defense. All he’s got to do is find two or three jurors who refuse to believe anything other than he’s a famous black man who’s being framed by “the man”.

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May 19, 2007

Well, it was a good run.

But it's over for the Sabres this year. Maybe the fans and the sportswriters made a few more promises than the Sabres could deliver, but I think everyone's still disappointed that the Sabres couldn't make it to the Stanley Cup Finals this year. I know that getting to the conference championship two years in a row is quite an accomplishment... but we wanted the cup.

I hope they can keep enough of the team together to make a strong run next year. But it's still going to be a long off season for the fans.

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May 05, 2007

I may have to stop watching this

Wow. I don't know if my heart can take much more of this.

The Sabres give up the lead late after dominating a scoreless game, but manage to tie it to go to overtime with 7.7 seconds left in regulation.

Sabres are now up 3-2 in the series.

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October 08, 2006

I hate 'Da Bears'

The Bills didn't get a single break today. Fumbled kicks.... dropped passes.... missed interceptions.... missed tackles.... fumbled returns....

This looked an awful lot like the U.B. Bulls (1-5) playing out there. But at least U.B. can score more than a few points now and then..(They lost yesterday to Ball State, 55-25)

The Bills looked almost as bad as the Raiders.

I would be officially in a bad mood if it wasn't for the Sabres going undefeated so far this season. Unfortunately, they don't play again until Friday.

It's going to be a long week.

On a related note: I really don't like the new Sabres' logo. I like that they went back to the Blue and Gold colors. All the NFL uniforms were starting to look all alike. Black, white and an accent color.

But why couldn't the Sabres have come up with a decent logo for the new uniform? Someone leaked to the press that the Sabres were going to be using THIS as their chest emblem, and there was an overwhelming outcry against it. So of course that's what they decided to use.

Thank you very much. Now we have a Buffaslug for a logo.

They couldn't go with the round logo with crossed sabres, like they had for their Alternate Game Jerseys last year. Nooooooo. That was too good a look, and actually incorporated the TEAM'S name into it.

OK. I guess I'm done with my sports ranting for the day. Good thing Buffalo doesn't have a basketball team I guess...

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September 23, 2006

Uh oh. This should be interesting.

My alma-mater, UB (University at Buffalo) Bulls are going up against the No. 2 ranked Aubern Tigers this afternoon. Let's see, the Bulls are ranked........... well, not quite at the bottom. But pretty close.

I wonder if I should even try to find it on TV. Do they broadcast blowouts?

Of course, this could be the upset of the century, and UB could win.


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September 22, 2006

Ryder Cup Coverage.

Was anyone else watching the Ryder Cup on USA this morning? I had it on while I was getting ready for work and I noticed a few things.

One. The interview with Michael Jordan was kind of cool. But pretty worthless really. Other than learning that Mike still plays a bad round of golf, I didn't learn anything about the tournament.

Two. When showing someone attempting a long put, even if it is a European that I don't know, it would be kind of nice if they actually showed the hole. I guess he missed the putt - but I'll have to take the announcer's word for it, because I couldn't see what happened off to the left of the camera.

Three. Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk spent a good minute lining up Tiger's putt for birdie on (I think) the 14th hole. If Tiger sinks it, they'll be up by 3 with 3 holes to go. Virtually locking the win for the match. Tiger stands over the ball, adjusts his stance, begins his back swing.... AND BILL COWHER COMES ON THE SCREEN TELLING ME HOW MUCH I NEED TO GET NFL Sunday TICKET!!!!!!! When the commercial was finally over, one of the Europeans was finishing up his putt for par to halve the hole. I guess this is why a little annoyed about the Michael Jordan interview. They had enough time to talk to Mike about his bad golf game, and how he wouldn't change anything if he was the coach of the American team. But they couldn't wait 10 seconds to show Tiger Woods putting for a birdie before going to commercial?

Just a few pointless thoughts on the coverage, that's all...

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May 14, 2006

Not too late

Just want to let everyone know that it's not too late to jump on the Sabre's Bandwagon.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the Sabres beat Ottawa last night 3-2 in overtime? Knocking Ottawa out of the playoffs.


That's what the Senators get for going up against a team named after a weapon!

We've still got to wait and see who the Sabres are playing next. The Carolina/New Jersey series is still going... but the 'Canes are up 3-1 in the series over the Devils, so it's probably going to be Bufalo/Carolina in the Easter Conference Finals.

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May 08, 2006


Miller stole this one from Ottawa.

Hmmm. The Sabres are up 2-0 in the series and are heading home for games 3 and 4 Wednesday and Thursday... there's still the possibility of a sweep. Not that I think it's a sure thing. Ottawa's too good to completely count out.

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May 05, 2006

Oh man!


Just. Wow.

Sabres over the Senators.

7 - 6

18 seconds into overtime.

After tying the score with 11 seconds to go in the third period.

After giving up the lead with 1:13 to go in the third.

After tying the game 24 seconds earlier.

This may have been the greatest hockey game of the year.

(I'm trying real hard not to giggle right now...)

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April 30, 2006


Woo Hoo!! Miller got a shutout against Philly! I guess that should satisfy all those people who thought that he should be pulled for Biron to start. (Although, Miller and Biron got back to back shutouts to end the season.....)

Anyways, now the series is 3-2, Buffalo over Philadelphia! Game 5 is gonna be in Philly... hopefully that'll be all the Sabres need.

I know. I haven't posted about any of the Sabres' losses. I'll admit that they happen. But I don't have to talk about them if I don't want to. :P

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April 24, 2006


Buffalo Sabres over the Philly Flyers 8 to 2. Two Sabres (Dumont and Pommenville) got hat tricks. Eshe, the super hero goalie for Philly from Saturday Night, gets pulled after letting in 5 goals on 10 shots in the first period... and after dropping his gloves and trying to fight one of the Sabres forwards. Buffalo Coach Lindy Ruff giggling like a little school girl.

OK. I made that last one up. But the rest is all true. The Sabres just DOMINATED the Flyers.

I'm happy. Very happy.

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February 06, 2006


If anyone was wondering where to find all the new commercials from Super Bowl XL, I was able to watch them here. Enjoy!

You can even vote on which you liked the best.

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January 23, 2006

Super Bowl Bets?

Well, Super Bowl Extra Large (Oh, the XL is Roman numerals for 40! Gee, you'd think that a guy with Roman numbers in his name would know that...) is just a little less than two weeks away. And I could almost care less. After all, my beloved Buffalo Bills were knocked out somewhere around the fifth week of the regular season.

But longstanding family tradition is, if the Bills aren't in the Super Bowl, then we have to root for the team representing the AFC. Since this year, it's not the Patriots, I can do that. In fact there are a lot of Steeler fans (mostly real old-timers who got hooked 40 or 50 years ago before the Bills formed) in my area. After all, our greatest QB (Jim Kelly) came from the Pittsburgh area, so we owe them some graditude at least.

So, since I'm backing the AFC for the Super Bowl, are there any NFC supporters out there?

And is anyone willing to wager on it? I'm willing to put some of Buffalo's finest cullinary creations: (All right, maybe not the finest. After all, chicken wings, the world's greatest pizza, and Ted's hot dogs don't travel that well through the mail.) A bag of Gourmet Sponge Candy, a bottle of Buffalo Tom's Hot Sauce, and a bottle of Weber's Mustard - against whatever you're town has to offer.

Now I can't be doing this for a lot of people, (I'm rooting for the Steelers, I don't necessariyl think they can walk all over Seatle) so it's first come first served.

So if any of you want to back those nancy-boys from Seatle, let me know if any of you want to put your food where your mouth is!

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