October 15, 2004

A truly Awful Joke

Here's a special one for Harvey. Just because I know how much he loves really bad puns.

In the great desert lived a band of nomads. Their leader, Benny, had risen to his rank due to his magnificent beard. His people believed a man's strength and courage came from his beard. Thus, the man with the biggest beard was their chief.

After leading the band for many years, Benny decided he wanted to shave.
He asked the elders for their advice. They were shocked. They reminded him
of the ancient warning that the leader who shaved would be turned into

Benny scoffed at that, and cut his beard. As the final whisker was cut, a
huge dust storm came up. When it cleared, there stood a man-sized clay
vessel. The elders knew the legend must be true.

Their conclusion? "A Benny shaved is a Benny urned."

Posted by GEBIV at October 15, 2004 11:15 PM

[throws urn full of tomatoes]

Posted by: Harvey at October 16, 2004 03:12 PM
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