December 10, 2004


This is the kind of thing that almost makes me curse out loud.


What kind of thinking makes you put RIGHT ANSWER and WRONG ANSWER on a poll question? (I underlined it for emphasis) Personally, I choose "I don't like this poll."

I guess this takes push polling to a whole new level...

Incidentally, I found this while following some links I got from a Boots and Sabers article about a man trying to defend his home.

Posted by GEBIV at December 10, 2004 09:33 PM

Are you sure that site isn't some kind of joke? Like LandoverBaptist or something?

Either that, or they've been drinking:

Would you risk the health hazards of steroids in exchange for money, fame , and power ?
From Barry Bonds As Statesman
(46 votes since 12/7/04)

I am under 21
I am over 21


Whereas (nonviolent) ex-cons increasingly face pre-employment and employment discrimination, unfairly and unnecessarily, because of his/her conviction(s), should he/she be a legal dependent of the state and/or federal government, and be allowed to live [in America] expense-free and tax-free in exchange for the loss of their right(s) (voting, employment, etc.)?
(36 votes since 12/6/04)


If they just keep breaking the law, they'll keep getting free food and housing. Well, they have to make sure they get caught, too.

But at least there's some variety:

How would you describe your political beliefs?
(10 votes since 12/10/04)


And some of them seem to be a little confused on the concept of a poll:

Please write your congress persons and let them know that 90% of the veterans want to use their own doctors. (10 votes)
(robertryburn, 12/10/04)

Yes 60 %
No 40 %


Posted by: Pixy Misa at December 11, 2004 05:26 AM
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