January 13, 2005

God Help Us All.

If you ever get the chance, I strongly recommend listening to Sean Hannity’s radio program (3PM-6PM) on WABC Radio. If you none of your local radio stations are affiliated with them (like mine aren’t) you can listen to streaming audio here.

Every Thursday, Sean has one of his associates, Flipper, go down and interview New Yorkers as a “Man on the Street” segment. I unabashedly stole the tagline for the segment to use as the title for this post. “God Help Us All.”

Today, for whatever reason, Flipper was interviewing a group of drama students. One, when asked if she knew what a tsunami was, thought that it was some famous actor. Really.

But the showstopper was a young man who was asked if he knew the name of the Vice-President. He didn’t, but answered, “I know that this coming November, I’m voting for the Vice-President who’s running against Bush too.”

Hannity had to end the segment there for a commercial break, but I think he just didn’t have the heart to tell the kid that the election was last November.

It took me five minutes to stop laughing.

Posted by GEBIV at January 13, 2005 05:55 PM

You shouldn't make fun of stupid people, because if they hear you, they might get embarrassed and shut up.

THEN what'll you do for entertainment?

Posted by: Harvey at January 14, 2005 01:49 PM
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