February 21, 2005

Happy President's Day

I know that it is officially the celebration of Washingtonís Birthday, but since they donít let us celebrate Lincolnís or Reaganís birthdays as national holidays, Iíll lump them all together.

Thatís right. I feel that Presidentís Day should be specifically expanded to include Ronald Reagan as well. Is it just a coincidence that three of the greatest Presidents were all born in February?

I donít think so.

Letís see, a quick check to see when ďWĒ was bornÖ

Oh well, his birthday is July 6th. So I guess we can't combine it with the others. (Gee, I wonder what holiday we could combine that withÖ)

At least Clintonís August birthday is too far away from any real holidays. Except maybe Labor Day. Which might be appropriate if you think about it. All he seemed to do for his presidency was lie around (or is that lay around) and goof off.

Posted by GEBIV at February 21, 2005 06:33 PM

For the first time ever, my place of employment gave us presidents day off... Yea... that was a wasted time. Not a lot to do in February in Northern Illinois.

Posted by: contagion at February 22, 2005 08:14 AM

There's always shovelling :-)

Posted by: Harvey at February 22, 2005 11:43 AM

No snow! At least not here. (makes another mark next to Harvey's name on the "Smart Ass" list)

Posted by: contagion at February 22, 2005 07:50 PM
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