June 02, 2005

Some thoughts.

* It hit 90 deg F today! Well, unofficially anyways. Officially, it only got up to 83 deg at the Buffalo Airport, (where our official weather observations are made.) But on the thermometer at work, which is kept in the shade, it got all the way up to 90.5 F. Fortunately, there was rather low humidity, so it wasn't too bad. Not like tomorrow's forecast though...

* Does anyone else get thirsty when eating an Ice-cream Bar? It seems like whenever I buy one to cool down (Yeah right, like that's the only reason.) I end up getting water right afterwards. There should be some sort of package deal.

* I got out of work a little early today, so I went and checked out the new Scooter Store that opened around the corner. Not bad little things. The prices on them run from about $999 to $2,000 and they get from 80 to 100 MPG. With the cheaper ones getting the best mileage. Too bad you can only drive the small ones (under 30 MPH) without a motorcycle license. To drive anything that can go faster, you'd be able to ride a regular motorcycle, so why bother. Although, most regular motorcycles don't get 80 miles to the gallon...

* We have a slight pigeon problem at work. All right, the stupid little things are driving us crazy. One of my uncles mentioned that some of his friends trap feral pigeons and sell them to hunting clubs for training pointers. Of course, my first response was to check the internet to see if this was something I could use. (Yeah, I might be a little addicted to the web.) What I found was pretty interesting. Live traps, generally run $75 to $100 with some huge ones that will hold up to a hundred birds at about $200. So trapping them seems feasible.

Not so much luck on finding a way to sell them though. I couldn't find any hunting clubs on-line that were looking to buy any. Our best bet would be to find a gourmet restaurant and supply them with squab. The prices on them can run up to $25 each! Or, if that doesn't work, we can paint them white and sell them to weddings at $150 a pair... technically, they are Rock Doves.

* I heard in the news that the Runaway Bride pled Nolo Contendre (or something Latin) to her charges. I don't think they're going to grant her bail though. She just might be a flight risk...

* I'm starting to get hungry, but I can't decide what I want to eat. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Nothing I can think of sounds good to me, not even Chinese take-out. (My standard fall-back meal.) I'm sure that I decide on something eventually. If not, I just go to bed hungry. It's happened before...

* By the way, I hate heights. Just thought I'd bring that up because I had to climb a couple of ladders and put some signs up really high. (Almost 12 feet up! Yeah, I know I'm a wimp.) I didn't fall off. But it was a close thing! (No, not really.) My theory is that since I fall down a lot while on the ground, I'm just tempting fate by climbing up too high.

Posted by GEBIV at June 2, 2005 07:58 PM

I have the same issue with ice cream. Everytime I eat it, I get thirsty.

Posted by: Contagion at June 3, 2005 04:15 PM
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