August 10, 2005

PGHA: MSM Coverups

It looks like the Main Stream Media is trying to cover up for their little cousin Air America. The coverage of Air America's near outright theft of funds from poor children in New York City is getting about as much press time as the Third Annual Wisconsin Nose Picking Contest.

But if the MSM is covering up this scandal - or at least burying it, the question raised is:

What scandals about themselves are the Mainstream Media trying to keep quiet?

So I gathered together a select group of investigators to see what juicy tidbits they could find.

The first story that my cracked research team found was:

New York Times Staff Beats Up Old Ladies at Nursing Home. - On July 14th, the entire editorial staff of the New York Times was convicted of running a protection racket which extorted money from several Long Island senior care facilities. One elderly woman claims that she was repeatedly beaten by the "hard hitting" political writers when she was a little slow in handing over her life savings.
Next was a scandal with on-air personalities:
Rampant Steroid Abuse at CNN. - Shortly following the Congressional hearings on steroid use in Major League Baseball was a much lesser known investigation into the employment of performance enhancing drugs at CNN. One testifier, who requested anonymity, stated, "Some of them just felt that they needed that edge to really run down a story and get the best scoop." Several reporters were given 10 broadcast suspensions, but the Reporter's Union is appealing.
And finally, they uncovered another problem with Air America:
Air America Personalities Charged With Cruelty to Animals. A recent raid by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) netted over 30 very ill Nicaraguan Poison Arrow Frogs. Charges against the Air America employees state that they were licking the frogs in an attempt to use the hallucinogenic properties of the frogs secretions to alter their perceptions of reality. (Perhaps an explanation for their so called "reality based" programing.) However, the sharp tongued radio broadcasters succeeded only in slicing the backs of the tiny amphibians.

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"beaten by the "hard hitting" political writers"

LOL! :-D

Posted by: Harvey at August 11, 2005 06:36 PM
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