August 10, 2005

Oh... my bad.

Last night, I tried to register for DirecTV's online services. I wanted to check my accound info and see what kinds of special offers they had. However, it seemed that I had already registered, so all I had to do was remember the login name I used, and the password.

The user-name that I tried seemed to work, but none of my usual passwords did. And when I tried the "Forgot My Password" link (which asked for the user-name), nothing was showing up in my e-mail. So I tried the "Forgot My User-Name" link (which asked for my e-mail) and none of my current or past e-mail accounts were recognized.

OK. Now I was a little ... irked. So I called the 800 problem number that was in the corner of the screen. I just wanted to have somebody reset my account so I could login and start over. After about 15 minutes of pressing numbers, I finally talked to a human. Unfortunately, what I wanted (the above mentioned resetting of the account) was something that required a speciallist.

Eventually, (I think it was about 20 more minutes of listening to elevator music.) I talked to the speciallist who was able to reset the password for me. (As well as tell me the correct user-name.) It took about three minutes of checking my account info, and five seconds of computer work.

So now I could get into my account. (Yay!) The first thing I did was check the account info to see what e-mail account I had used. It was my main account, but with one thing wrong. Verizon accounts have a .net suffix. I had used .com. Oops.

And to the poor guy who uses the user-name that I thought was mine, sorry about the fifteen or twenty password requests you got in your e-mail.

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