August 17, 2005

PGHA: Running against Hillary

There was big news in New York last week. Jeanine Pirro, the Westchester County District Attorney, announced that she was running for the Republican nomination for Senate in 2006. (Currently, Hillary's seat.) She needs a little help though, she hasn't come up with a campaign slogan yet.

So I thought I'd give her a hand.

First, there's the rhyming slogans.

Vote for Pirro! She's our Hero!

- or -

Vote for Pirro! She's no Zero!

But those would only be good for bumper stickers.

It didn't work too well for Rick Lazio (the Republican candidate in 2000) but there is always:

Pirro. Because she's not Hillary.

Or we could try:

Pirro. She's actually from New York.

And along a similar line:

Pirro. Because New York should be represented by a New Yorker.

But no matter who runs against Hillary, I'm going to vote for him or her. Although, if Pirro does get the nomination, I wouldn't mind seeing:

Pirro! The other white chick!
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