September 13, 2005

It's Primary Elections Day in New York!

Of course your party has to have two candidates for the same office if you want to be able to vote. And since the Republican Party either has only one candidate, or more likely - none, for any of the available offices, I wasn't.

I did go in and look around anyways at what would have been my polling place. It was pretty empty, as there was only two districts voting today. And again, since I'm a registered Republican (I'm eeeeeeevil, Mwa ha ha ha ha!) I couldn't vote. But they did let me look at one of the paper ballots they were using.

It looked a lot like someone drew a picture of the regular voting booth but where the little flip lever would have been, there was a little circle that had to be filled in. Kind of like one of those bubble-sheets from school. Except what I understand is that they don't have a scanning machine like my high-school did. All those ballots will have to be counted by hand.

So, hopefully, they will have a candidate by the time the regular election rolls around...

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