September 14, 2005

PGHA: U.N. Hurricane Relief

Last week, I noted that the U.N. was sending help to the areas struck by Katrina. Apparently, I only saw the tip of the iceberg...

While researching the matter more thoroughly, I discovered that Kofi Annan had directed the U.N. to set up an "Oil for Flood" program. This new program is designed to allow the hurricane damaged Gulf Coast region sell oil in order to raise funds to help rebuild the area.

The U.N. program is to be headed up by three of Kofi's lesser known sons. Kublai Annan, Khan Annan, and Bob Annan. Their job is to direct the sales of oil through the "proper channels" in order to "maximize the benefits" to the area.

When New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin was questioned about the proposed program, he was elated. "We'll have the SuperDome rebuilt in no time. With an Olympic Swimming pool this time!" he promised. Adding "And I'm sure it'll raise everyone's spirits to see the new Mayor's Mansion we have planned."

French President Jaques Chirac also commented on the news. "We'll be happy to give the U.N. any kickbacks... I mean, assistance that they require to make sure things run smoothly."

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