September 23, 2005


I totally forgot in all the pain and anguish of trying to get flood insurance yesterday; but during my lunchtime browsing, I followed a link over at Conservative Grapevine to C-Log. Which lead me to the blogger signup for screening the upcoming movie Serenity.

And I'm lucky enough to live in one of the markets getting a sneak-preview! (And I guess there aren't that many bloggers in Buffalo, since they let me sign up.)

From what I understand, this movie is based on the Sci-Fi series Firefly. Now, I never actually watched any of it on TV. It was simply a matter of too many shows and not enough time to watch them all. There are a lot of good programs out there that I just never bothered to watch. I really only have enough time to invest in one or two programs at a time. I don't even watch Stargate: SG1 anymore...

All that said, I'm getting a good impression of the quirkyness of Serenity from the commercials and what people have told me about Firefly. Only one problem though. The write-ups of the movie say that it's the crew of the Serenity vs. The Alliance. So I'm not entirely sure who I should root for...

So if anyone else is going to be at the Buffalo screening, I'll be the one pulling up to the red carpet in the tan Jeep.

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