September 23, 2005

Filthy Lie: The final post.

It was an average morning, and I was checking my e-mail while eating a bowl of grape-nuts. And as I sat there and crunched, the messages downloaded and scrolled up my screen.

Suddenly, one of them caught my attention! It was from myself, but instead of a transmitted date, there was a bunch of question marks.

I scanned it for viruses and it came up clean. Intrigued, I opened it.

I couldn't believe what it was. It was Evil Glenn's very last post!

The explanation that I gave myself was that after Evil Glenn quit blogging forever, I had cut and pasted it to send to myself. That way, if google ever lost the cache of Instapundit, the final post wouldn't be lost forever.

And here it is.

IT IS OVER. I can no longer keep up with the pressure of running this blog. I shall now devote all of my time and energy to my true first love.


Oh, the music, the choreography, the tight pants, the beautiful sets, the tight pants... But I digress.

So this will be the last post here at forever. Ah, there's the mail. And it looks like my leotards are finally here. So long.


And there you have it, now we know how Instapundit will end. Too bad the e-mail was a little garbled, and the date didn't come through. So we don't know when it'll happen... but it will happen.

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