September 29, 2005

I like Electricity!

Finally got the power back on! Yay!

Being without the internet all morning was a real drag, I can tell you.

But as Spacemonkey sang:

(Sung to the tune of Happy Birthday)

I like electricity.
I like electricity.
I like elec-tricity.
Unless it's running though me.

So even though my laptop will run off batteries, I now have my internet connection back. And that is much better.

To make a long story short, I guess that wind-storm that blew through Buffalo this morning was a real strong one. People were without power all over the area. In my part of town, it was just our street without electricity, well most electricity. Over at the station (across the driveway next door from my house) we still had one leg left of the three-phase current, so we could run a hot-plate to make coffee and listen to the radio. (Fortunately, most of the coffee was made before the power went off at around 6AM, so we just had to make the refills with the hot plate.)

Of course it took the power company untill 3:30 this afternoon to get things fixed. So most of the day was spent explaining to people why we couldn't pump gas, and figuring the change for cigarette purchases in our heads. There's a long list of cash purchases written down somewhere that will need to be put into the system at some point. Hope that's not my job...

The best part of the whole thing was that even after I was fully aware that there was no power, I still kept trying to turn lights on as I went through the house getting ready for work. I even picked up the remote for the TV and tried to turn it on. The garage door opener didn't seem to work either. (Not that I drove to work, but with the power down, and business slow, I made a quick trip to one of our suppliers.)

Hey, at least with the power back, when I finally do get out of work, I'll be able to log on and play some World Of Warcraft...

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