December 21, 2005

PGHA: Those wacky Iranians

Oh, those wacky Iranians.... Just weeks after proclaiming that Isreal had no right to exist and that the Holocaust never happened, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issued another contreversial statement to the press.

When during a routine press briefing, he was asked about the upcoming Christmas Celebrations around the world, he erupted into a speach denouncing the Holiday and anyone who celebrates it.

Ahmadinegad: There is no Christmas in Iran! Christmas doesn't exist here, and has no right to exist anywhere else. It's all a Zionist Conspiracy anyways! Santa doesn't exist. He's just a marketing ploy by the JOOOOOOOOOOS! *spittle starts flying* And he never brought me my monkey!

And if we see his fat, red hide in our airspace again, we'll shoot him down with those missles we told everyone we don't have! And then we'll nuke his little toy shop at the North Pole! Yeah. that'll show everyone...

At this point his security managed to shut off the cameras. But reporters also say that as Ahmadinegad was "ushered" off stage by his advizers, they could hear him muttering under his breath.. "And I'll get everyone of those Whos down in Whoville too..."

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