February 18, 2006

I'm a little depressed.

But don't worry, not suicidal in any way.

It's just... while I think that my not existing wouldn't make the world a better place, sometimes I have a hard time figureing out how my life has made any difference to anything. I'm not wishing I was never born. But sometimes it's hard to see where I've really done any good by being around.

I'm reminded of a quote, and I'm paraphrasing: "I'll make about as much of a hole in life as your finger does when you pull it out of a bucket of water."

Not fun thoughts to try to go to sleep with. That's for sure. But have a good night anyways.

Posted by GEBIV at February 18, 2006 10:34 PM | TrackBack

I'm sorry you are having a rough time of it. We all have moments in where we wonder about our life. It's never easy. Hang in ther and know that you do make a difference. If you were not here, there would be way more than just a tiny hole in a bucket.

Posted by: Moogie at February 20, 2006 03:16 PM

Mentor. Tutor. Coach. Teach. Volunteer.

It's easy.

The hard part's getting started.

Posted by: GaMongrel at February 20, 2006 09:17 PM

Hey you have made a big impack in many lives. 1. Mine. You were and are a awsome older brother. I knew that if I ever needed it you had my back. Specially aginst mike. :)
2. Dad might not say it enought, I don't know ,but you have made a huge impact in his life. Just but being willing to go the extra mile at work and help out in all the ways that you do has a huge impact. You might grumble once in a while but you have the right. Just look at how you have made his life easier, better , what ever over other co-workers.

Dude you matter and make the world a better place.

love ya.
Your Bro

Posted by: Culzephyr at February 20, 2006 11:16 PM
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