March 08, 2006

PGHA: Terrorist Concessions

Harvey was wondering what other concessions the terrorist appeasers would be granting to the terrorists next. I sat down and gave it a lot of thought... at the end of a loooooooong day at work. So bear with me.

First, I thought to myself, What would the best concession be to have for myself? After a moments consideration, I decided that the best concession that I could think of would be selling hot dogs at Yankee Stadium. I mean, whoever does that must make a mint! All those rich, hungry baseball fans just chowing down for something like 80 home games a season. Well, I wouldn't mind running that, I can tell you.

But then I realized that although there are all-beef hot dogs, they are almost all made by Kosher delis. And no self respecting Islamo-Fascist would ever bring themselves to deal with a Kosher deli in any way not involving several pounds of dynamite.

Then it hit me. Who are the biggest terrorist appeasers? The Hollywood elite of course. And what is the biggest concession in Hollywood? Popcorn! It's perfect. Hollywood can grant the popcorn concession rights to all the movie theaters to the terrorists. After all, popcorn is just exploded corn. So it's an ideal match to the terrorists. Just think, you can go and watch Brokeback Mountain while enjoying a large bucket full of Mustafa's Exploded Kernels of Jihad.

And with cheap foreign labor making the popcorn, the prices would finally fall to where you can afford both the popcorn and the movie tickets without taking out a second mortgage...

Or maybe this is all just not having dinner on time talking.

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