March 18, 2006

Filthy Lie: Little Known Facts

Little Known Facts of Evil Glenn

Evil Glenn doesn't shave in the morning. One look at himself in the mirror is all it takes to scare his facial hair off.

Fully half of Japan's Hello Kitty merchandise is purchesed by Evil Glenn each year.

Evil Glenn opposes the rebuilding of New Orleans because it would cut down on the number of homeless too much.

Evil Glenn once defended a shark in a lawsuit. Pro Bono. As a matter of professional curtesy.

Evil Glenn performed an appendectomy on himself -with no anasthetic- simply to get rid of an organ that he felt wasn't "pulling it's weight."

Evil Glenn once drank an entire bottle of tobasco sauce, just to see if anything could make a lawyer cry.

Evil Glenn has no computer. He bloggs by a direct connection to his brain.

Evil Glenn can play "Inna Godda Davida" on the kazoo. There are usually no survivors.

Evil Glenn can find the "I" in "team".

Just like everyone else on St. Patrick's Day, Evil Glenn has a little Irish in him. In his case, it's from a batch of Irish Setter Shakes.

Evil Glenn can believe it's not butter.

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Evil Glenn can find the "I" in "team".


Posted by: Harvey at March 21, 2006 09:46 AM
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