April 01, 2006

A question for all the computer geeks out there

...and I really do mean that in a good way.

Why doesn't the scroll/slider bar on my new laptop's touchpad work in Mosilla Firefox? It works fine in every other program that I have. And the scroll button on my mouse works in Firefox too.

When I'm using the mouse, this isn't a problem. Like I just said, the mouse's scroll capabilities are just fine. But in the cases where I can't use the mouse, I'd like to be able to scroll using that nifty touchpad. But it just won't work!!!! Why?

I suppose I could use IE. But I like Mozilla sooo much better for general web-surfing.

Can anyone help me?

Posted by GEBIV at April 1, 2006 02:52 PM | TrackBack

I put out a call for help.

Meanwhile, you might want to update this post with info about your version of Firefox, laptop model, OS, and settings.

Posted by: Harvey at April 8, 2006 05:45 AM

You need to go to your respective laptop's website and download the newest driver for you touchpad. Had the same problem with my new HP Pavilion laptop. Just needed to update the driver, and it worked fine.

Posted by: S_que at April 8, 2006 10:29 AM

Man, am I glad you posted this... and that S que answered.

I've been thinking that I had screwed something up when I installed Firefox...

Like hooked on phonics, it worked for me.

Posted by: That 1 Guy at April 11, 2006 04:20 PM
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