June 30, 2006

The Calm After The Storm

Whew. That was an interesting hour or so. We just had a thunderstorm roll through Western New York, coming in from the North-West and heading South-East. Lots of lightning and rain and a bit of hail.

And then, right in the middle of it, I got a call at work from my Uncle who works a bit North-West of here. He had just seen a tornado go by...

A few minutes after he called, the radio also reported a tornado touched down. And that it was headed in my general direction.

Well, we told all the customers coming in what was going on, and kept an eye on the clouds and rain coming in from the North-West. Fortunately, the storm eventually passed, and no tornado. In fact, we didn't even get much wind.

Not everyone was so lucky. As I type, the Thruway is practically shut down because of an overturned trailer draped across the median, blocking traffic in both directions. Near that, a construction trailer was blow completely into the middle of one of the major roads in the area. Plus there are a bunch of other storm related accidents all over the area. (Not to mention the holiday traffic...)

But now the sun is out and the birds are singing. All that's missing is a nice rainbow. (Unfortunately, the sun is too high in the sky to produce a good rainbow.)

More storms forecast over this weekend though...

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